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Vintage is the culmination of several Wilmington screen printers, dating back to the 1970's. Our President Carlton Brown, owner of the Island Print & Promo stores, bought Snapdragon Screen Printing in 2021. Snapdragon was originally founded in 1982. Then in 2023, he purchased 11-year old WEB, A Screen Printer, Inc. which came into existence after the closing of Southern Screen Printing. The Founder of WEB had been a long-time employee there.

After the purchase of WEB, the companies were merged into their existing building, and renamed Vintage Screen Printers. All of the equipment was refurbished and all inventory was replenished. Extensive training was then responsible for changing the way both companies operated. We have dramatically decreased turnaround times from 3-5 weeks, to 2-4 days in most cases.

We also have all three of the Company's previous art work, files and vellums for Customers for all 3 companies. If you were ever a customer of one of the three, we may still have your artwork on file. Some of what we have dates back decades.

We have multiple presses and typically operate 2-shifts during busy times. In addition to screen printing, we can DTG print any graphic, to almost any garment.

Whether it be polos, caps, t-shirts, bags or aprons, we can embroider them for you. Price is based on stitch count. For a free quote simply use our form below.

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